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How often do you come across a car that is a century old? This classic 1919 Buick H50 is a stunning example of what some T.L.C. can do for your treasured vehicle. Recently discovered by a GM Authority reader, this incredible antique automobile is a testament to Buick’s heritage and quality.

The 1919 Buick H50 was Buick’s most limited model for 1919. Only 531 were made that year. They sold new for $2,585, which is equivalent to over $38,000 in today’s value.

This example is in pristine condition. The owner explained to GM Authority that there is no rust or body filler–everything is all original. Apparently, it was only repainted once between 1919 and now. Not the wood wheels and white-wall tires. He noted that the bumpers were added later, as these were not a standard feature in 1919. A true time-capsule.

Learn more about this awesome piece of automotive history at GM Authority.

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