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Nothing says summer in Minnesota like spending the weekend at the lake. And nothing says weekend at the lake like hauling up your prized boat or camper for your weekend getaway. The last thing you need on your way to your well-deserved break is an issue while trailering. Here are some important tips and tricks to keep in mind when towing to ensure a safe and easy haul:

– Know and consider your vehicle’s towing capacity. Nothing can start a journey off wrong like trying to pull to much weight. Overloading your vehicle with excess tow-weight can lead to an inability to safely handle the vehicle, problems with braking, and/or damage to your vehicle, including but not limited to the engine, drivetrain, and suspension systems. Always check your towing capacity if you’re not sure-these numbers are unique to each vehicle. Even different bed lengths and drivelines in the same model truck can affect these numbers, so be careful to not assume! Lastly, don’t forget to check your hitch, they have their own separate maximum weight limits!

– Check your mirrors. It may seem obvious, but improperly adjusted side mirrors can cause a ton of problems, especially when you’re towing! Make sure that your mirrors allow you to see effectively behind you to help make switching lanes, turning, and general maneuvering a safe and easy process.

– Check and keep up your tires. How many times have you seen a trailer pulled over off of the highway with a blown tire? Maintaining your tires is important regardless of whether or not you’re towing, but hauling makes this even more important! Simple things like making sure your tires have enough air pressure will make your trip much safer and easier, as improper tire pressure can cause poor handling and even blowouts. Ensuring that the tires on your vehicle and on your trailer are in good condition will help you have a safer and better journey.

– Check your lights! This may seem unimportant in the big picture, but malfunctioning lights on your vehicle and trailer make it difficult for other drivers to see you and where you’re going. Making sure that turn signals, brake lights, and side marker lights are all working properly will help ensure that you have a safe trip.

Hopefully keeping these tips in mind will help you have a safe and fun journey while towing your boat or camping trailer to favorite weekend getaway spot this summer. Towing can be fun and stress-free if proper preparations are made and precautions are taken when planning to haul.

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