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When’s the last time that you changed your vehicle’s oil? Service and maintenance are important, although sometimes overlooked, factors in owning a vehicle. If your car doesn’t receive the proper maintenance and service severe problems can occur as the odometer ticks higher and higher. This is why regularly scheduled maintenance is necessary – and that includes one of the most common maintenance services: the oil change. Regular oil changes are important because:

– Oil becomes dirty and impure as you drive
– Oil breaks down over time
– Clean, fresh oil allows oil to do its job, reducing the friction in your engine, as effectively as possible

Having your vehicle in for regular maintenance is an invaluable asset to your vehicle, helping it run better and last longer. Regular oil changes ensure that your vehicle:

– Maintains its optimal gas mileage
– Is operating at peak performance
– Lasts as long as possible with fewer problems

Thousands and thousands of moving parts exist under the hood of your car, and they all together to make your vehicle move. Oil is what lubricates these parts so that they don’t cause friction. Excessive friction in the engine causes these parts to move poorly and stick together, leading to damage that can be severely detrimental to your vehicle and how it performs.

If a car were to have no oil in it, its parts would grind against each other and cause irreparable damage and ultimately stop functioning completely. Similar effects can occur in an engine with a low oil level or dirty, old oil. The damage that could occur from a lack of proper oil maintenance could easily surpass the value of the vehicle itself.

Keeping up on your oil changes and other regularly scheduled maintenance helps ensure that your vehicle stays prepared to take on the open road and many years to come. Walser Buick GMC Roseville has a fantastic service team here to help you ensure your vehicle receives the service and maintenance that it needs to provide you with the best performance and economy. Twin Cities drivers can schedule service online, give us a call, or visit our dealership at 2775 Long Lake Road in Roseville, Minnesota. Our location is right off Interstate I-35W, making it a convenient location to bring your vehicle whether you live in Roseville, St. Anthony, Lauderdale, Arden Hills, New Brighton, Little Canada, Falcon Heights, Columbia Heights, St. Paul, or Minneapolis and beyond. Our service specials make it easy to afford the routine maintenance your car needs – there’s no reason to put it off any longer. View our current service specials to check out our great savings on getting your vehicle back in top-notch shape! Give our service department a call or schedule service online today!

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